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I’ve been for sometime
Looking for someone
I need to know now
Please tell me who I am


The Most Quotable Movies Of All Time

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) dir. Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones

Will you watch your ruddy language? My ears are not a toilet.


Firefly | forever in our hearts
I hear its song without a doubt
I still hear and I still see
That you can’t take the sky from me


Being Human + the pink house [requested by psmith73]

"You thought there’d be nothing, but there was this. There was this house."


When I started transition, almost 14 years ago, I imagined, I had this fantasy, that I would start taking hormones and in a few years, I was gonna blend in and no one would ever know that I was trans. I could just live my life undetected. And I knew a lot of trans folks like that, it was presented as the goal of transitioning. 

When I realized that I wasn’t blending in effortlessly, I had to sort of to reevaluate things for myself. I had to begin to think about and I’ve begin to own this transgender thing. It became something that I had to say, "Well, this is who I am." (x)