I’ve wanted to do one of these for absolutely ages so here we go - if I’ve left anyone out I’ll curl up and cry in a corner for a week

Nancy’s Follow Forever list:

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    I’m on a follow forever! I only found this out because I noticed you liked one of my posts and then I started looking...
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    fhsdjkhfjhsdjfhsdfjsdhfksdhjkfsdjkfhsjkdfhj I am HONOURED, thank you so much, m’dear! (also nice face)
  3. properdead said: AAAAAAH THANK YOU, NANCY! ~feels special~ :)
  4. djhoodrich said: oh wowww. thank you so much!
  5. isntithateful said: <3 <3 <3
  6. inmylittlehide said: Oh, thank you so much dear x You’re to lovely *big hug* Seriously, I’m not woth it… And you should know that you’re too on my follow forever list :)
  7. ohdeargodwhy said: i’ll just go sit in this corner and cry then
  9. dead-rotten said: This is adorable and I love you. But you know that so yeah.
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    So Nancy is really cool and you should follow her
  11. queercheetah said: oh god you are actually the loveliest person *dies*
  12. zombieknickers said: Ahhh <3 I’m on there! Thank you!
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